Online Class Help with Flexible Payment
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Theprofessorshelp connects you to an academic for online class help.

What the Online Class Package Includes:

  • 24/7 customer support (Email or WhatsApp communication).
  • Class managed by a single highly trusted expert working under and alongside Andrew Goodyear.
  • Installment payment.
  • Cancel anytime with a guaranteed refund.
  • Weekly discussion posts, essays, and exams completed in time.
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How it works

Plan A.For clients wishing to give us the portal log in details

  • Provide us with details of your class
  • Indicate your budget, agree on the cost and your expected score
  • Pay the first installment
  • Receive final grade
  • Clear outstanding balance

Plan B.For clients wishing to keep the log in details (recommended )

No upfront payment is required for our online class help services. Pay when ordering.

Weekly online class assignments have a shorter deadline. It can be costly to order. To cushion the expense, we will create for you a special link to your writer of choice. You will utilize the space to download and send to the writer weekly assignments, discussion posts and essays. Selecting this option allows you to order at $12 per page for all assignments during the semester irrespective of the deadline.

Thank you for your interest in our service! Kindly take 5 minutes to provide information about your course. Andrew will access the information you provide and get back to you with a quote by email in 5-10 minutes.

Discussions and Discussion Responses

We provide an opportunity for clients wishing to keep their log in credentials to get assistance in their discussion assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still asking yourself, “Can someone take my online class for me?” Well, we list some of the frequently asked questions from previous clients. We hope the responses they got will clear the air so that you too can start the process of finding someone to help you with the online class right away.

Yes. Sending to us your weekly assignments is one of the options provided in the plan.

Yes. If you are ready to talk to someone about your online class, then you can press on “get quotation” button, fill out a few details and Andrew Goodyear will reach out to you in less than an hour. He is the one in charge of the online class department.

Definitely. The person that Andrew will assign to handle the class is someone specialized in the subject. It is a guarantee that we will get you the grades you want.

Well, you are at liberty to select one of our writers from “our team” page to handle the assignment. Click here to view our team. Similarly, Andrew can select and assign the appropriate writer based on the information you proved on the quotation form. If you have a preferred writer, kindly indicate his name when filling out the quotation form. In our response, you will be notified about the writer’s availability to take the class.

In as much as the cost is dependent on certain variables, you will not believe how affordable it is to get someone take your online class. For instance, science subjects tend to a little higher compared to humanities. Similarly, you may want the writer to only do weekly essays, mid-term exams and final exam while you tackle discussion posts and discussion responses. In this case, the cost will also vary. All the options are provided in our quotation form that you will fill when you’re ready to know the actual cost.

Theprofessorshelp online class service allows for partial payment. After receiving the quotation, of course with a discount, you will converse with Andrew to settle on how would like to make payment. You may use our default online class payment which is a deposit of 30% of the total cost. After mid- term, you will pay another 40% and the final checkout after the semester grade is out or craft one that suits your budget.

Absolutely. This applies in the case where you are studying a university or college degree over the internet and want someone to cover up for you the entire class. Online education can be challenging especially when you mix it with career growth and family commitments. We will get you excellent score in all the units you’ve enrolled.

You definitely can cancel our engagement at any time and you will be refunded your deposit. Well, if we are past the midterm, we might settle on an agreed amount from the deposit to cover up for the costs of the tasks done to the time of your cancelation.

We will refund you when you cancel. Our aim is to give you the best experience. For any other reasons, (personal or human-induced) you are at liberty to call it off with us and it will be done ASAP.

Your privacy is our primary concern. As a freelance writing service, we will never ask you for your personal identifiers such as bank details, your location or anything that may jeopardize your identity. Besides, only specific writers amongst our team are trusted to handle online classes on behalf of the company. These experts are handpicked by Andrew Goodyear and work with and alongside him. Kindly click here to read our Privacy policy.

Stay Anonymous with Theprofessorshelp Online Class Help

We are not interested in your identity. What we are interested in is getting you a perfect score in your online class to give you time to live your life and excel in your career development and employment. In need of online class help? Send us a brief. No one will ever know. Well, unless you choose to disclose the engagement to your friends. From our end, we are locked.