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Popular Management Capstone Topics

1. Outsourcing human resource services

Creating a strong staff body requires human resource managers to employ robust methods of recruitment and hiring. However, human resource managers in the organization do more than just hire. They are also concerned with staff retention, motivation, and appraisal. This implies that these people are busy and my not dedicate the necessary efforts to hiring. This fact has seen many companies outsource recruitment and hiring services to third party entities. In some cases, these companies get some commission from employees who find job through them. This means that their motivation is not only getting approval from their corporate clients but also monetary gains through commission, a factor that may compromise their efficiency in hiring and recruitment. It is thus important to

2. Aggressive Leadership

Leadership is an organization is a critical determinant of the company’s success. A leader who sits in the highest office in an organization must possess the appropriate mix of skills and academic qualifications to steer the company towards its goals. In the age of stiff business competition, it is imperative for leaders to be aggressive in the market through taking risks and pursuing new business ventures. Aggressiveness may, however, have negative outcomes for the company as stakeholders seek moderation in corporate leaders. Therefore, it is important to study the effects of aggressive leadership on the financial success of a company.

3. Middle-level management

For the effective operation of an organization, it is recommended that companies develop a management plan that ensures seamless execution of the strategic plan. One of the ways through which companies accomplish this is through middle-level management. Personnel employed at this level act as intermediaries between the top management and the employees. In the field of management, studies can be conducted to determine the management decision to establish middle-level management and link this strategy to a company’s operational efficiency.

4. Perception of ISO standardization among staff

Quality management system (QMS) has numerous benefits for a company. Fundamentally, QMS aligns operations with the best standards, meaning that goods and services produced by the company meet or exceed a customer’s expectations. Establishing a company’s QMS is not an easy task. Among other things, it involves sustained awareness creation in the staff body. This means that employees must transform their thinking and adopt a quality-oriented approach. For companies that are in the initial phases of QMS, a management student would be interested to know how the employees perceive the changes and their attitude towards changing the status quo.

5. Corporate social responsibility

An organization does not operate in a vacuum. Rather, companies are established in a community that supplies them with both clients and manpower. As a gesture of good relations, a business entity should give back to society in different ways. Thus, a company’s strategic plan ought to incorporate activities that are geared towards living sustainably with the community. Different companies adopt different approaches for their CSR policy. While some companies plant trees as a way of preserving the environment, others build social amenities that the community can benefit from. In the field of management, it is worthy to investigate the factors that shape a company’s CSR policy.


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