Privacy Policy

This policy was last updated on 1st January 2024 The privacy policy outlines how we obtain, collect, and utilize the information on this website (“We, the “Website” or “Our Website”) wholly referred to as the “Service.” By visiting and using Our Website, you are giving us consent to collect or use the information provided by you in accordance with the policy herein;


a. Information regarding your visits to our service, which is collected automatically by our secure server that includes the operating system you are using, the browser types, duration of visit, and number of viewed pages
b. Your email and a user name, which is used to log you into the service and to send you updates regarding your order progress.
c. An automatically and randomly generated user ID which is your identity on Our Website.
d. Your order details which you mention, when filling out the order form


Payment information is used on the website solely for billing purposes. We DO NOT store your card payment details. When you enter your card details on Our website, the information is sent directly to a secure database maintained by the payment services providers, who then complete the transaction. Our website is protected by encrypted connections with security protocols (SSL) to protect your payment information. We may collect information about the amount of any transaction. Still, it will not include your name, financial information, or cardholder data, which will be
submitted immediately to the payment services providers. We do not collect, process, or store your payment information, do not transmit it to Our servers, and automatically do not write off your bankroll. It is an entirely new experience every time you order, similar to ordering for the first time.


To protect your privacy, We DO NOT allow you to register on Our Website using any other means other than an email address and an automatically generated password. To further protect your privacy and security, We will also take reasonable steps to verify your identity, such as requiring a password and user ID, before granting access to your data. You have the right to terminate Your account at any time. All the information provided will be deleted from our servers. All you need to do is notify the admin.


Our Website does not have the capability of accessing the information stored on your computer. You solely provide all the information we access. We prohibit you from sharing any personal information on Our website that may lead to the disclosure of identity such as your name, phone number, and or Location.


By writing a testimonial, you agree that We are allowed to use your testimonials linked to your account or not for marketing purposes. We are also allowed to place your testimonials on pages of Our Website. We may be required to transfer some information to the advertisers so that your review can reflect genuine feedback. However, no transfer of sensitive data shall take place. The
Providers are prohibited from selling your personal information and from using it for purposes other than they are engaged for, and directly stipulated by the agreements We enter with them. All the Providers We deal with operate per the European General Data Protection Regulation and adhere to the highest standards of pertinent national data protection legislation.
You can always contact the support team and ask to remove your testimonials if you feel that it
may harm your profile.


We may revise the Privacy Policy from time to time without prior notice. However, we will not use Your personal information in ways that would substantially differ from the provisions of this policy. All updates made on Our Privacy Policy shall be published On Our Website.