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Shakespeare has several literary materials that are often examined in schools. When faced with a Shakespearean assignment, there are four major ways that the assignment could feature. The first approach is where an examiner requires a student to conduct a comparison of two literary materials by Shakespeare. The second approach is where the examiner requires the student to compare the characteristics of different characters in a Shakespeare text. The third approach is where the student is expected to highlight some of the themes that exist in a Shakespearean text and provide evidence to the effect. The last approach is where the student is required to conduct a critical analysis of a text, which sometimes can be an excerpt from a Shakespearean literary material or an overall analysis of an entire book. The approach to take in completing a Shakespearean assignment shall depend on where the assignment falls in the four categories.

An example of a comparative essay on Shakespearean texts is where a student is required to illuminate what is distinctive between Cymbeline, which is one of Shakespeare's last plays, and the earlier plays that he wrote. A student can select Giacomo, which is a villain in Cymbeline, and compare it to another villain, for instance, Iago, in another literary source by Shakespeare. The most important thing is to examine some of the commonalities that might exist in the two literary materials, and the differences that could exist, either in the approach taken to write the materials or on the separate identities or characterization that Shakespeare seems to give the protagonists and the antagonists in the two selected literary materials. Evidential material must be provided, which mainly is excerpts from the two materials, to strengthen the argument that is made in the body of the paper. The introduction will involve a summary of the two of Shakespeare's sources, followed by a thesis statement on the nature of the similarities or differences that the student seeks to enumerate in the subsequent body sections of the paper. The comparison must end with a conclusion, where the student ties together the points discussed within the body of the paper.

In the case of a critical analysis of a source, or where the examiner requires the student to identify a theme and talk about it, or in instances where the student is expected to examine the characters in the source and discuss their importance to the story, the basis of the responses that the student provides is to use direct quotations from the sources. The introduction part of the essay should summarize the text and identify a theme if the assessment required identifying a theme in the source, or summarize the story of the character in question if the objective was to discuss a character or provide a summary of the theme that the student intends to illuminate. Upon providing the summary in the introduction section, the same approach used in the comparative analysis questions apply as well, where the student is expected to indicate a thesis statement, which gives the reader an idea of what the paper is explaining or defending. The sections after the introduction will explain the thesis statement in detail, using excerpts from the text as evidence. This would be followed by a conclusion that summarizes what the student has discussed in the paper.


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