Read the following case study scenario and compose an essay answering the questions: I Don’t Want To Get Fired, But…

Read The Following Case Study Scenario And Compose An Essay Answering The Questions: I Don’t Want To Get Fired, But…

Read the following case study scenario and compose an essay answering the questions below. I Don’t Want to Get Fired, But… A small for-profit skilled nursing facility is located in a suburb of a major metropolitan area and in part of a local long-term care chain. The owner of the chain of the facilities, Mr. Frank Dobbs, hired his long- time friend as the administrator approximately 2 years ago. It is obvious to the employees that the administrator, Mr. Bill Stevens, has a close personal relationship with the owner of the corporation. The nursing home has a good reputation, and its scores on various websites show historically begin about on par with its local competitors. The nursing staff has generally been at the facility a long time and is considered stable in the current environment. Olive Washing is a certified nurse assistant (CNA) who came on board approximately 6 months ago. She has been well received by the nurses and is happy to be working at the facility. Over the last couple of months, the administrator, Mr. Stevens, has decided to make executive rounds and as a result is becoming more known to the nursing staff. His remarks to the nurses as he makes his rounds seem inappropriate to Olive. She feels that she remarks are culturally insensitive, and some of the other nurses in her team have complained about his remarks to the director of nurses, Mrs. Alice Gonzalez. Olive has also heard from a new housekeeper she has befriended names Ramon Alvarez. He says he, too, has been the recipient of inappropriate remarks by Mr. Stevens. Olive, having not been at the facility very long, did not want to complain and is waiting to see the outcome of the other nurses’ discussions. None of the nurses are willing to approach the administration themselves due to fear of losing their jobs. The director of nurses, Alice, listens to the various staff members’ complaints regarding the comments made by Mr. Stevens during his rounds. Alice is somewhat hesitant to approach Mr. Stevens directly because he has a temper. She has seen him blow up over issues where is it criticized, and she is not sure if she wants to be subjected to his confrontational behavior. Alice is on good terms with the owner of the facility, Mr. Dobbs, and could go to him directly, but she is concerned that Mr. Stevens will be upset if she goes over his head. Alice considers taking a less interventional approach and attempts to coach Mr. Stevens on making more appropriate remarks to the staff when he makes rounds. Alice is vacillating on which approach to take. While she agrees that the administrator’s comments are unacceptable, she also does not want to ruin her chances of getting the raise that she’s due for after her annual evaluation. Additionally, Mr. Stevens does have a history of letting people go when he is upset, and she is concerned about being able to find another job in the current environment. Yet Alice just heard through the grapevine that two new employees are also the targets of Mr. Steven’s inappropriate remarks. What are the various choices Alice has at this point to address the concerns raised? What are the ramifications if Alice decides not to act at this time? If you were Alice, what would you do and why? Step 1: Complete the exercise and compose essay based on your findings.

Workplace Incivility: Role of the Nursing Manager


Nurses are a critical component of the healthcare system. These professionals provide service at all levels of the hospital beginning from management to patient assistance. Due to the complexity of their duties, nurses require a conducive work environment that guarantees their safety and overall job satisfaction. Therefore, any deviation in best nurse management practices has a significant downstream effect on the hospital, patients, and their relatives. Abuse in any form emanating from people in management will most likely demotivate nurses and possibly lead to turnover intentions. Nursing managers should be on the frontline in the identification and addressing of bullying, abuse, harassment, and other forms of incivility.

Alice's Choices

The first choice that Alice has, in this case, is confronting the administrator about his behavior. While doing so, Alice should apply the nursing standards of ethics to present a compelling case (Buchbinder, Shanks, & Kite, 2019). Standards of practice outline among other things the professional relationship necessary for a conducive work environment. Alice should inform the administrator that being unfriendly to nurses and other healthcare staff is detrimental to their motivation, which may lead to staff turnover and low productivity (Li, Chen, Zhang, Xiao & Lu, 2019).

The second choice at Alice's disposal is reporting the matter to a higher level of administration. The management structure in this hospital combines both service line and functional organization structures (Buchbinder, Shanks, & Kite, 2019). The functional organization structure offers a clear line of communication and reporting, meaning that Alice should not bypass her immediate supervisor to report a matter. However, she has access to Mr. Frank Dobbs due to their informal familiarity. Alice should take advantage of this access to inform Dobbs about the situation at work and how it could affect patient service and organizational profitability.

Implications of Inaction

If Alice does not act promptly, Mr. Steven's mistreatment of employees may have disastrous consequences. Li et al. (2019) cite that workplace violence not only lowers nurse's job satisfaction but also shapes their decision to leave the organization. If Alice does not address the matter with the relevant people, the hospital may lose the much-valued staff to its competitors. When this happens, the remaining staff would find it difficult to offer quality services due to understaffing. Other problems associated with understaffing in the nursing profession include medication errors, burnout, and occupational harm to employees (Glette, Aese, & Wiig, 2017).


When met with a situation like the one Alice is in, I would work with other departmental managers to propose a policy that would end all manner of aggression emanating from senior management officials (Kisner, 2018). Seeking the support of other heads of departments would underscore the seriousness of the matter and encourage the administrator to change his ways. This policy would clearly define what contributes to incivility and how it should be addressed. In addition to this, I would gather everyone who has faced abuse from Mr. Steven for a meeting. The purpose of this meeting would be to encourage them to remain active in their stations while I work towards seeking a solution to this matter.


Nurses work in a hardship environment, meaning that motivation and encouragement are crucial for their service delivery. The case of incivility coming from the facility administrator is demotivating to nurses, nurse aides, and other employees of the hospital. As the nurse manager, Alice Gonzales has the responsibility of addressing this incivility. She can achieve this endeavor through collaborating with other managers and reporting the issue to the facility director. Speaking with the concerned staff will also keep staff motivated while awaiting a final resolution that would end their tribulations in the workplace.


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