Patient-Centered Care: Evaluate nursing care provided

Patient-Centered Care: Evaluate Nursing Care Provided

Outcome:  Evaluate nursing care provided to ensure that it is compassionate, age and culturally appropriate and based on a patient's preferences, values, and needs.

Reflective Journal Entries

Patient-Centered Care #1: Customized Care

My clinical rotation was a chance to learn the various patients’ needs and understand how nurses ought to respond to them. I once met a patient whose preferences were utterly different from those of others. Many patients in this hospital did not mind the number or identity of people visiting their rooms. Nurses, students, doctors, physiotherapists, and other members of the clinical team could walk in and out at will while executing the various duties. This patient was concerned about who entered his room. He demanded to know their names and level of qualification. Any medical personnel going into his room without a nametag was asked to identify themselves and display their name on their uniform. At first, the nursing manager asked the nurses to ignore such restrictions and continue with their work. However, the patient was persistent in his demands, forcing the nursing manager to write a memo indicating that all staff entering the particular room carry their nametags with them. 

Indeed, this response from the healthcare team was compassionate and responsive to patient’s preferences. Patient-centered care means service to patients with due consideration of their preferences, values, and needs (Kuipers, Cramm, &Nieboer, 2019). In some cases, patients make requests that may not apply to the whole lot. For instance, palliative care patients may ask for spiritual services in the course of their treatment. Despite the various challenges encountered while meeting such needs, the nurse must find ways to respond to these needs (Soto-Rubio, 2020). It means, therefore, that the hospital considered my patient’s special needs. The response of the nursing team, in this case, exemplified patient-centered care.


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