6 Things You Should Consider When Writing an Argumentative Essay (2021) by Barechest Writer

Hello, call me Barechest writer! Want to be creative in your college essays? Then hang on, we got this. I have written more essays in the past one year than you can imagine. Today I will discuss with you the 6 things you must consider to draft a winning argumentative essay.  Feel free to like, share and comment.

How to Write an A+ Argumentative Essay

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay, also known as a persuasive essay, is a crucial genre of academic writing that requires a student to investigate a controversial topic, usually around the academic disciplines of technology, politics, science, and healthcare. Argumentative essays would require a student to investigate a topic, collect information through extensive research, generate ideas, evaluate evidence, and establish a position (stance) concisely.

A solid persuasive (argumentative) essay does not only entail stating your opinion about the issue. Even a compelling stance in the writing will not produce an A+ paper if you do not structure it properly and reinforce your view with strong evidence and solid reasoning. The main goal of a great argumentative essay is to persuade the readers, compelling them to understand and support your point of view. Therefore, as a bright student, you must use statements that evoke logos, pathos, and ethos. Even though some argumentative essays can be complex, you must always keep the structure straightforward for easy reading and understanding.

What does an A+ argumentative essay require?

Argumentative essays generally require extensive research of previously published materials on the topic. Depending on the nature of the issue, the essay may require empirical research, where students collect data through surveys, experiments, observations, and interviews. Since the student is expected to provide his or her point of view or stance with conviction, detailed research enables you to vividly learn and understand the topic. After establishing a position, you are expected to provide a strong and clear thesis with sound reasoning. A concise and defined thesis statement is provided in the first paragraph to state your position clearly. The structure of the essay follows the usual introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.

How to compose an argumentative essay’s introductory paragraph?

The introductory paragraph is the first—and probably the most important—paragraph of an argumentative essay. It provides context, and students should review the topic and explain its importance and relevance. The exigence of the topic also explains why the readers should consider the issue seriously. The last sentence of the paragraph should be the thesis statement, which must be appropriately narrowed but clear. Without proper mastery of this section, it is difficult to compose an effective persuasive essay.

Note: Argumentative essays require clear and logical transitioning between paragraphs. Transitions must also apply between the introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs.  

How to develop flawless body paragraphs?

Like other essays, each body paragraph of an argumentative essay discusses one idea, or in this case, an argument. The structure will allow clarity and direction of the paper. It also creates easy readability. Each argument provided in a paragraph must be logically connected to the thesis statement. Additionally, each argument should have evidential support and an explanation of why the evidence supports the thesis statement: warrant.

Note: Note all paragraphs should support the thesis statement. Some may provide viewpoints against the thesis but with a logical connection. The different opinions should not create confusion; you must provide a reason that explains the strength of the thesis statement against the opposing viewpoint. The purpose of such paragraphs is to be realistic and project a sense of sound reasoning.

What is evidential support?

Since you had conducted extensive research on the topic, you must have gathered accurate, detailed, and current data or information supporting your thesis statement. As you provide arguments in the body paragraphs, you must provide such evidence, which could be factual, statistical, anecdotal, or logical.

How to present a conclusion paragraph of an argumentative essay?

In the conclusion paragraph, readdress the argument you presented in the body paragraphs concisely. The reasoning should be in light of the thesis statement. Finally, end the conclusion by restating the thesis statement in the last sentence of the paragraph.

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