The Easiest Way to Write a Nursing Research Paper on “Accountability” (2021) by Tutor Pharaoh Jr.

Hello friend, how are you doing? This is your Nursing coach Pharaoh Jr. Please today allow me to discuss writing nursing research papers, specifically the Accountability topic. Let me tell you something, I have tackled more essays on accountability in nursing during the past month than any other topic. If you are in college and you are faced with any essay, the first thing you need to do is understand the topic, do background research and make an outline. Well, sit back and spend the next 5 minutes with the coach.


Nursing essay help can be attributed to nursing education being as complex as the practice itself. This complexity requires an adaptable mind to respond to a wide range of questions that professors pose to nursing students, a factor leading to the use of nursing essay help by student nurses. Students usually find themselves burdened by writing nursing essays that are consistent with the rubric while pursuing the highest grade possible in an assignment. In all levels of nursing education, understanding the instructions is key to delivering a quality paper.  Professors at these levels strive to give work that is suitable for learning and the anticipated practice in the field. Regardless of the nature of the paper, it is incumbent upon students to conduct appropriate research and present details with utmost clarity. Getting an assignment on a topic like “Accountability” should not plunge a student into a panic. Instead, they should take it as a challenge and opportunity to prove their academic prowess in different topics. Following these easy steps offers a guarantee to earning the highest possible mark in the assignment.

Step #1: Study the Instructions

A nursing research paper assignment may require students to write about “Accountability in nursing.” A student can roam about scholarly work and produce a very long paper on this topic. To avoid this needless work, professors often limit the research to a few subtopics relevant to the topic and nursing practice. A student should read all the instructions carefully and understand what is exactly required for the work at hand. The first bit of instructions is the arrangement. In some cases, the instructions guide the student on the systematic sequence of the paper. In other cases, the arrangement is not clear from the instructions, meaning that the student is at liberty to begin the paper from whatever angle. However, the marker needs to appreciate a seamlessly flowing paper, meaning that the sequence adopted must meet this deliverable. The rubric is a valuable source to get a clue about the arrangement in the second case.

Besides the arrangement, the instructions help the student to understand the breadth of research required for each paper. Professors usually define the number of scholarly and non-scholarly sources that would offer the student information needed to answer the questions. The student should follow any links to databases or school online libraries where these sources are available. Other pieces of information regarding academic sources are currency (the year range since publication), nature, number, and citation. Regarding citation, the professors will indicate the format to be applied (e.g. APA 7th Edition, MLA, Harvard, etc.). Students should take note of other pertinent information like paper margins, spacing, and font. If the professor has a desired file labeling method, the student should ensure that the name of the final paper is consistent with these instructions.

Step #2: Conduct Research

Nursing essays and any other assignments require thorough research, usually from scholarly peer-reviewed journals. Remember that evidence-based nursing is the new paradigm. Therefore, understanding what nursing professional commentators are saying concerning “Accountability” will help you meet the professor’s expectations. Numerous scholarly repositories store papers on a wide range of topics. While some databases require periodic subscription or institutional credentials to access, some like Google Scholar are freely accessible. When searching an article in an academic portal, using keywords and appropriate filters is essential in getting the best results. Ensure that you get a full article, especially in PDF format when page numbers are required for citations. Read the articles, noting the specific pages where you can get the right information. Make rough notes before typing the work on a computer.

Step #3: Write the Paper

Depending on the format needed for each paper, arrange the new document and include the date, title, student name, name of the professor, name of the school, and other relevant information as indicated in the instruction. If an introduction is required, include this section and write what is required according to the instructions. Include the borrowed information and cite accordingly. If the professor requires paragraphs to have a certain length and number of sentences, the student should ensure that all sections adhere to these instructions. Include the subheadings and format them according to the professor’s requirements. It is critical to cite all borrowed information. Direct quotations are limited to a specific number. Paraphrasing borrowed information is encouraged. Avoid plagiarism at all costs.

After writing the paper, reread through the work to spot any grammatical mistakes and typing errors. Utilize the typing computer software to correct errors. If possible, give the paper to a friend to read through. Check the instructions again against your completed paper. To further increase the chances of detecting errors in the paper, run the paper through a program dedicated to this purpose. Grammarly is perhaps the best and most reputable software for this work. Rectify the errors identified. Check for plagiarism using software like Turnitin and rectify if any problem is identified. Finally, list all the references according to the paper format. Save your work and upload as necessary.


Nursing students find themselves tasked with writing nursing papers on a wide range of topics. An example of such a topic is “Accountability.” Producing a quality paper will earn a high grade for the students. However, meeting this goal requires studying the instructions carefully and sticking to them. Making note of the paper’s length, details, sources, and formation helps the student to adhere to the professor’s instructions. By conducting appropriate research and including the findings in the paper, students can earn a high grade and learn valuable lessons that will come in handy in the future. Remember that writing academic papers is a method of learning. Students should be delighted in studying scholarly articles and expanding their knowledge base through writing academic papers.

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