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Background Information
The concept of sustainability often features in academic circles as well as in the social and economic spaces. Students undertaking Art and Design, Architecture, Civil and Construction Engineering, Urban Planning, and Quantity Survey courses find this concept an interesting field to discuss. Thus, writing about sustainable housing and designs usually comes as a long paper that students must present for marking. Some students may take this topic as the core of their term papers, capstone, and research projects. Academic work on this topic can come in the form of a general discussion about a specific landmark. When a student is asked to write about sustainability with special mention of a building, extensive background research combined with studying the architecture and design of the building are essential inputs in this endeavor. This article explains a systematic account of producing a paper on King’s College London Library. It is important to note that the same steps are applicable for any other buildings.

King’s College London: History and Current Status
Information from the college website indicates that Kings College London is one of the prominent institutions of higher learning in the United Kingdom. Seated at the heart of London, the University produces thousands of graduates each year courtesy of its superior mix of educational strategies. The college boasts of exemplary education facilities, one of the remarkable buildings being its library. The history of the building, which is a critical component of the College education matrix, exemplifies its centrality in sustainable construction.

Constructed in 1851, the library sits on land originally occupied by the House of the Converts, or Domus Conversorium. The original structure was erected in 1232 under the directive of King Henry the Third as a fortress of rescued Jews. The structure remained to be a notable landmark in London until the seventeenth century when it was brought down. After the passage of the Public Record Office Act, the English government began constructing the building seen today to act as the repository of its documents in 1851. Being storage of the government documents, the original designs exhibited fireproof features that protected the records from ignition at all times. The successive addition of wings onto the first structure resulted in a magnificent building by 1997. Soon afterward, the government moved all its records from here.

Organizing the Paper
Art essay helpers like myself can get you a winning essay. Nevertheless, to produce a quality paper, the student must demonstrate the ability to connect the various sections seamlessly. This connectivity not only keeps the reader interested in the work but also attracts a higher grade from the marker. Providing the information about the selected building opens the work and marks the entry into further details. As illustrated above, a general overview of the building and a brief historical account of the same is a good way to start the writing. Information of this nature is available from the college website as well as scholarly articles mentioning this work in the context of sustainability, ancient architectural designs, and related topics.

After introducing the building, the student should describe the piece in terms of design and layout. King’s College London Library takes the Neo-Gothic style. This style of construction is common with Russian buildings, although the United Kingdom has various structures that adopt this medieval construction design. Besides the king’s College Library, other English neo-gothic structures are the town hall in Northampton, the Main Stables Menege, and the Glasgow School. This style of making structures was a resurrection of Gothicism meant to retain the majesty of construction and restore spiritual values.

The above information sets the building in a historical perspective and allows the reader to appreciate the student’s understanding of the construction styles in the various countries. In this section, the student should explore the economic, social, spiritual, political, and cultural factors related to this type of dwelling. For instance, research on this building shows that the Neo-gothic style in this building was adopted in the United Kingdom as a symbol of industrial and spiritual advancements taking place in this part of Europe.

The last segment of this paper should detail the status of the structure. In other words, the student should describe the envelope as well as other specific parts of the building. For this work, it is imperative to describe the roof, space, outline, spaces, murals, staircases, fenestration, and others. Pictures of the said parts should company the text. As with other types of academic writing, the student should adhere to the professor’s instructions on formatting, spacing, citation, referencing, and page margins. It is also crucial to check for grammatical errors, typing errors, and plagiarism using the appropriate software. All sources used to develop this paper should appear both in the text and on the referencing page at the end of the paper.

King’s College London Library is one of the most outstanding buildings in the United Kingdom. The fact that the building was constructed on land where the original structure was demolished exemplifies the concept of sustainability. When asked to describe the building in a paper, the student should give an overview of the structural condition as well as the history of the same. Deciding on the sources of information to use is usually a challenging step in this work. Therefore, the student should begin by looking at the institutional websites or museum’s online outlets. Students should also consider scholarly articles that mention this building. By adhering to these and other instructions like formatting and citations, the student can produce a quality paper that will earn them a high grade in this work.

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