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Visual Art essays demand top-notch creativity and imagination. My name is Jeniffer, and I’m popularly known as Super-writer to my clients; your number one Art, Ethics, and History essay writer in the US. Stay with me for the next few minutes as I walk you through the 3 things to put into perspective to succesfully write and organize your college visual Art Essay. 

How to Write Visual Art Essay

What is Visual Art?

Before we understand visual art, it is crucial first to understand the broad range of arts that appeal to human senses and their significance. Humans encounter an essence of art, consciously or unconsciously, in their daily experiences. Art entails a wide range of universal perceptions that can be experienced through the sense of touch, sight, taste, sound, or smell. Art manifests in a wide spectrum, which makes it difficult to describe or define art. Art may exist in thoughts that deliver inexplicable abstractions to a transcendent level, especially when invoked by a spiritually compelling external artistic stimulus. In human life, art is always a resonant experience that influences how we feel and perceive life. The conditions of an individual’s own experience and how a piece of art “speaks” to them, and as a result, defines the true nature of a real artistic endeavor. Artworks have inspired most of the great thinkers and innovators in human history. History has always been shaped by individuals willing to share or impart upon society the interpretations of their experiences. I resonate with—and attribute to—art that seeks to establish the extend of universal experience and perpetually redefine humanity.

Note: Visual art is a piece of artwork that appeals to human sight such as pictures, paintings, or even dressings and creations that we can see and appreciate for their aesthetic value. A sculpture is a form of visual art that can also appeal to the sense of touch.

What you need to know about writing an A+ Art Essay

Art papers are mainly descriptive or analytical. A student or an art essay helper may be required to describe or analyze a piece of art: a sculpture, a picture, a painting, a fashion style, an object, music, a statue, a film, or even a dance style. The aspect that makes an art paper different and challenging from other academic writings is the fact that your professor expects you to write on account of what you see and your justification of the analysis of the art. Sometimes, there is no definite answer to an art analysis question. Only the reasoning and evidence you provide for your analysis justifies the correctness or incorrectness of your response.

What to include in the introduction of a descriptive or an analytical art essay?

The first paragraph of the descriptive or analytical art paper introduces the art, providing such details as to when it was created, its current location (public place, museum, or any other building), its size or dimensions, its significance, and maybe its value. Sometimes your professor may instruct you to provide details pertaining to its creator or artist – brief biographical information. Lastly, write the final sentence as a thesis statement describing what you intend to explain through the paper.

How to structure the body paragraphs of a descriptive or analytical art essay?

Before you develop the body paragraphs, write down the specific and remarkable features or aspects (elements) of the art and your analysis of their significance – try to interpret them correctly. You may research possible ideas if you are not sure of your judgments. Each element of discussion, which includes medium, use of lines, coloration, light, space, style, or composition, should be accorded their own paragraphs. If the essay is short, you may blend two or three related elements in one paragraph, for instance, color and light or style and composition. Ensure your analysis meets your interpretation.

Writing a conclusion of a descriptive or analytical art essay

In this last section, write a summary of what is included in the paper. Do not introduce any new ideas. Wind up by emphasizing the significance of the piece of art, citing the elements you have explained in the body paragraphs.


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